16 German Military Vehicles Burnt

No, this did not happen in Afghanistan but in Germany :

“A fire caused by incendiary devices placed under the vehicles devastated military barracks in Havelberg (Saxony-Anhalt), North-East of Germany, during the night of Friday to Saturday, the German Army announced in a press release.

The fire, which started à 02:00 (local time) caused no casualties but severely damaged “a minimum of 16 military vehicles”, the press release adds.

The arsonists managed to enter the barracks and placed the incendiary devices under the vehicles. Several vehicles have visibly not caught fire and will be examined by the Police. “The total amount of damages represents several million Euros according to the first estimates”, the German Army stated.

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Holidays and Demagogy : Even the Left Mistrusts Hollande

One can read here :

“A few weeks before the national debate on pensions, and as the Government intend to increase taxes, the Presidency wants to set an example. “What matters is the image”, François Hollande said, according to Le Monde daily newspaper, adding that he was traumatized by last summer’s media criticism. Beyond the symbol of holidays, a portion of the Left opposition is irritated by the fact that his big communication plan is a bit too obvious.

“Of course, the effort has a symbolic aspect, just as the motto “work longer”, and we will once again hear that during the autumn and the national debate on pensions. However, all this served to reveal a major political crisis that the President is unable to address. People no longer believe in our present economic and political model. They no longer vote. And instead of opening a philosophical debate, the Government opt for communication only”, Alexis Corbière, Counsellor of Paris for the Left Party, reckons.

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The Veilleurs Debout (“Los Centinelas de pie”) Cross the Pyrenees

One could read in the Spanish press.


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The Mont-Blanc for All!

In order to defend family, we have taken up the challenge of climbing the Mont-Blanc (through the 3 peaks) within one day! Mountain climbers will know what we endured to plant our flags…

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Police Repression: The Veilleurs Debout are Dragged tonight in Beauvau Square


Just as yesterday : 

And the day before yesterday :
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The Grand Orient of France Requests François Hollande’s Help Against the Alleged Resurgence of the “Vile Beast”

One can read here :

“José Gulino, the Grand Master of the Grand Orient of France, is worried about “the resurgence of the vile beast” and has allegedly contacted the French Head of State to draw his attention on “the rising of anti-masonism and right-wing violence”. The Grand Master especially mentioned protests of the Printemps français in front of his headquarters, damages to premises, one stele profaned and vandalized trees…

No, is this possible? Is the Freemason leader officially requesting the help of the Socialist François Hollande?

This appears to be a joke at first sight as Freemasons used to know in past centuries how to promote left-wing ideas and surf from one revolution to the other…

In a second phase, what matters is to know what the “vile beast” is exactly: the bird-brain who speaks of “Macedony” or a cloven-footed beast which strangely enough reminds of anti-Christianism figures? In that case, would the Freemasons fear Satan as they continuously fought God and religion? Maybe François Hollande could help the Freemasons to find an answer among the Widow’s Sons devoted to the Great Architect of the Universe? This is definitely not a new Supreme Being who would be glorified in mason temples but a true and longstanding conception of secularism that has become divinized.

In a thirty-third phase, José Gulino really made me smile. May God watch over him!”

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Spain Moves Away from Assisted Reproduction for All

However, in France, we are governed by people who are visibly cut off from natural law and reality. They will find a way to finance with public funds what other countries already abandon :

« For Madrid, the reimbursement of medically assisted procreation must exclusively address infertility problems. In the context of the crisis and austerity, the stated objective is to save money.

  Spain therefore will soon exclude lesbians and singles from medically assisted procreation in public hospitals. Spain was one of the first countries to adopt homosexual marriage en 2005 and one of the biggest proponents of assisted reproduction. However, the conservative Government of Mariano Rajoy tries to back off. For Madrid, the reimbursement of medically assisted procreation must exclusively address infertility problems.”

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She Inadvertently Served Pork Meat to a Muslim: She is Dismissed for Serious Misconduct

This happened in Great-Britain… but could also happen in France! Le Salon Beige

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All Hands are On Deck during Holidays… in Neuschwanstein

Photo Le Salon Beige

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Jean-Marc Ayrault Welcomed in Noumea on Sunday Morning

A reader informed us : 

"The Caledonians do not give up anything!

Here is a picture of one of the groups of protesters who accompanied the official motorcade on its way to the Tjibaou Cultural Centre during the Prime Minister’s visit to New Caledonia on 28 July. Two days before, another group had welcomed various personalities in town, including Mr. Binet (Rapporteur of Taubira Law in Parliament) who mistakenly believed that he would be on holidays at the other end of the world (in France still !)"


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