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The Political Police Search a Stroller

“Remove the baby out of the stroller!”…

Paris 14/07/2013, François Hollande hué sur les... par ltlnews 

It is worth noting that the policewoman who gives orders in this video does not misbehave for the first time. It was her who was summoned to free passersby by Me Triomphe. Her case is presently considered by the IGS (the Police of Police). She apparently did not understand what she could be sentenced to.

In the film :

Loud boos and whistles are heard when President Hollande passes by for the Military Parade.
The flags ripped out of the people’s hands by policemen are LMPT flags.
One voice in the background: “this is troublesome! You are troublesome! In which country are we? Go, go, move along! Move along now!”
They shout: “Political police! Political police!”
One policewoman to a riot policeman: “She has hidden it in her stroller!”
The policewoman to the young mother: “This is the Police Madam! You can do what you want but I ask you to go out so that the Police can search!”
The young father: “For what reason?”
The policewoman: “For the reason that you have streamers in your stroller!”
The young mother: “Is this forbidden?”
The policewoman: “Yes, this is an administrative reason, move along!”
The young mother: “She wants to arrest the baby”
It is heard “arrest” in the police talkies-walkies
The young mother: “If we had a LGBT flag, nothing would have happened to us, that is for sure!”
Their small daughter: “Mummy, mummy, why is this lady taking the baby?”
The crowd applauds and chants: “Political police! Political police!”
The policewoman: “Now you must remove the baby!”
The young mother: “Do it yourself!”
The policewoman: “No I won’t Madam!”
The young mother: “So what?”
The policewoman: “I want to look inside!”
The young mother: “But now I am outside the control space!”
The policewoman: “This is to allow you to enter it again! You remove the baby please!”
The policewoman removes the flags, including one French flag
The young mother: “Eh! No! You are not authorized to take the French flag! Eh! Oh! She wants to take the French flag out of the stroller! I am dreaming!”, adding “we can at last go again into the space”.

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